​Slab Repair

How long did the paving company tell you that your concrete floors were going to last? From what we have heard concrete floors are supposed to last right around 50 years. What these companies sometimes fail to tell you is that it could last that long, but it is probably going to need some repairs along the way. We can help you repair minor issues in concrete slabs all the way up to fully renovating your concrete surface. If you are looking for a reliable concrete repair service you have just found it!

Pier & Beam Repair

This is basically the service that we started out providing to all of our customers. This service involves literally going into the foundation and checking for any type of problem. For the most part, people who are experiencing these problems will have a weakened foundation due to shifts in the soil or plenty of other factors that could come into play. As a general rule, most of the times what we may do is add support systems to make sure that we can get the home to stay upright. There are other ways that we can go about this, and that all depends of course, on the extent of the damage.

​Basement Repair

When was the last time that you literally took a look at your basement? A lot of times problems with basements and crawlspaces come about because people really don’t keep track of these areas. Even though they may be some of the most vulnerable areas within a home. A lot of times what we will do is waterproof the walls or redo the drainage system. There are plenty of options on how to fix these issues. What you need to do though is call in time so that minor problems do not turn into major difficulties.

I truly had no idea that I could have a foundation problem until I started seeing certain signs like a soggy garden and cracked floors. I called Chickasha Foundation Repair and they were able to help me out right away. I would really recommend their services!


I had the guys Chickasha Foundation Repair come in and repair my concrete flooring. They were able to spot the problem and go in to fix it fairly quickly. The results have spoken for themselves!


I noticed that my basment was getting kind of wet at times, so I decided to call Chickasha Foundation Repair. They were able to repair the damage that had already been done to the walls and they also made sure that I would have no problems moving forward. So far so good!


​Brick, Wood, and Concrete Repair

In this space just so we can be clear from the start we are talking about flooring that is made from these specific materials. One of the first signs of a foundation problem could be found in your floors. We want to make sure that we are able to help you all the way through. We are going to put our best efforts into finding the root of the problem and get that fixed. After that what we will do is go ahead and fix the damage that was caused to your brick, wood, and concrete floors!

Get In Touch

​If you are facing or believe that you may be facing any of the issues that we just talked about don’t wait! Call or contact us today and we can be on our way to helping you ask quickly as possible.